"When someone is new to telemedicine I show them the room and zoom in and out to show them that this is very private." -Amy Jelliffe, MD


    Clinical telemedicine provider orientations

HCIC policy requires that all Behavioral Health Medical Practitioners are oriented prior to providing telemedicine services to HCIC members.

Behavioral Health Medical Practitioners:

  • Click the link below to go to the online Telemedicine Provider Orientation.
  • Take the orientation quiz after reviewing the online orientation and print out the results. (Contact hcic_telemedscheduling@iasishealthcare.com with any technical issues.)
  • Email the password to HCIC Telemedicine staff, hcic_telemedscheduling@iasishealthcare.com, 855-411-7558 (fax), 1300 S. Yale St., Flagstaff, AZ 86001.
  • Contact HCIC Telemed staff (hcic_telemedscheduling@iasishealthcare.com, 928-214-2201 or 928-214-2399) and request a video orientation. We will go over how to use the equipment, tips for your video room, and any questions you may have.

Online Telemedicine Provider Orientation by Sara Gibson, MD, HCIC Medical Director of Telemedicine (includes quiz)


Forms (English)


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